Washington Speak and the Infamous Bloodsuckers

Have you ever wished you had an unlimited slush fund that you could use for anything you wanted? I suspect everyone does now and then. Unfortunately, there is always a bill at the end of the line, and someone has to pay it. Most people must live within a budget, or we get into trouble. Why has this concept eluded Washington lawmakers? What makes them any different than the average American?

Before 2008, we didn’t pay attention to what our elected officials were spending. We just assumed they earned their salaries and were taking care of us. Since our economic troubles began, though, we have noticed the increasing extravagance of many of those who we trusted with our money.

Joe Biden’s excessive lifestyle and travel are a hot topic on the blogs right now. His bill for two nights in a five star hotel in London and Paris cost us over a million dollars. This doesn’t include the more than 321 thousand dollars he splurged on limousine service while in Paris. Biden commutes to Delaware on Air Force Two almost every weekend, costing around $$60,000 a month. On some weekends, he goes to Delaware and returns to Washington to play golf with the President on Saturday. He goes back to Delaware for the rest of the weekend, adding more to the bill. This man has no idea how to live within a budget, neither in his personal life, nor as Vice President.

Barack Obama is worse than Biden. We just learned his daughters are in the Bahamas for Spring break on the taxpayer’s dime. In 2011, the Obama family bled us for 1.4 billion dollars on lavish vacations, clothes, jewelry, dinners, and personal staff to fulfill their every whim. On top of this excess, we pay them all a handsome salary.

Wasteful spending is common in Washington. Our government recently spent $385,000 to study a duck’s penis. Why they did this research is still up in the air. The IRS spent $1,000,000 on conventions in 2011 and another $60,000 on a six minute Star Trek video spoof with no real purpose. Each year Washington shells out millions of dollars in foreign aid to China. And what about the two revelations we received last week? The National Institutes of Health paid 1.5 million dollars to find out why 3/4 of lesbians are overweight, and another 2.7 million to study why lesbians drink too much.

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Dr. Sharon Schuetz
Dr. Sharon Schuetz
Dr. Sharon Schuetz has a Ph.D. in clinical Christian counseling. She and her husband of 43 years, Michael, are currently pastoring the Sebastopol Community Church in Trinity, TX, and have served as pastor of many churches throughout the past forty-years. In 2013 Dr. Schuetz, with the help of her partner, Julia, started which eventually had a writing staff of 26 and reached millions of readers over the next three-years until she sold the website and the Lady Patriot Facebook page in 2016. She did not sell the Lady Patriots youtube channel, but it was shut down last year after it was decided that it didn’t meet Youtube's community standards. She served as the editor of the local newspaper in her hometown of Trinity for a while and has since started a news service, Trinity County News L.L.C. She and Michael have three children and ten grand children.

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