The New American Dream

Where is America the beautiful? Where has the land of plenty gone, that land “flowing with milk and honey” that drew millions of people from around the world to fulfill their dreams? What has become of the American paradise where one could succeed or even become a millionaire? American millionaires are no longer the result of the good old American free enterprise system. No longer are the new upward mobile of the American dream creators of the new inventions, the new gadget that every household needs, or the newest fad everyone simply must have. The new upward mobile future millionaires of America are on the path to Congress.

Few members of Congress were millionaires before they were elected. They had to enlist the fundraisers and solicit campaign donations for their election bids and to pay for the various media ads they needed to get elected. They carefully choose their words during the campaign speeches and their scheduled whistle-stops and parades. They took the time to listen to people on their tours and hold and kiss babies. They made the promises that people wanted to hear. They were all about the American dream for the voters they were asking to represent. Their loyalty to the voters was hard and fast.

While many started down this path, few remained there. Big fast money is not in America’s free enterprise system. The latest financial course is directly connected to American big business and not the ordinary citizens. Big businesses know that to continue to make the enormous profits they have to have insiders with influence, and the best place to find that is in Congress. Where else can one make laws that favor a particular industry, or get warned of pending changes that put them in a position to make huge profits?

Congress isn’t held liable for insider trading. They can make laws that allow anyone who understands how to make money from these changes to make enormous profits. It is illegal for a normal citizen to operate this way; however, Congress has made it acceptable behavior for itself. They make lots of money on the backs of their voters. The laws passed or manipulated events allow large profits to be taken from the pockets of the people who voted them in.

There are 87 millionaires in the Senate, and 295 millionaires in the House. Check out your congressmen and see if he is one of those millionaires. If so, did he enter Congress as a millionaire? If he did, has he multiplied his wealth since he has been there? If he has increased his wealth, then how did he do it? Did he do it by catering to big business rather than working to protect America from being taken advantage of and raped for this money?

The American Dream has gone up in smoke for the voters; but, Congress hasn’t lost out at all. The longer they are there the more powerful they become. The longer they are there the more influence they acquire and the less they feel a responsibility to the voters. Their salary of $174,000 a year is miniscule compared to what they can get from insider trading and working for big business gains.

Pillaging the American people eventually becomes their profession and they lose sight of their oath of office. They vote in their own retirement, insurance, and benefit plans which are totally out of proportion with any public service job anywhere. There are some in Congress that fly private jets back and forth to work on our money. Each trip in these jets costs more than a new home for most of us. They think they are too good to fly first class. One Congresswoman wouldn’t take to time to refuel her plane in route and demanded an upgrade that tripled the price to that of three new homes per trip. When is America going to retake our Congress and put it back into shape with the ethics that we demanded from public servant elsewhere?

We need to return the American dream back to the people that made this country what it is. Millions of people have left their land of their birth and immigrated here for the freedom to work and achieve their dreams. They want a lifestyle according to how hard they work and laws that protect them from being take advantage of by government and big business.

For many, Congress has lost its purpose, which is to serve the people who put them in office and not seek wealth and betray the people who trusted them. The old saying, “If it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it swims like a duck, then it’s probably a duck fits well here. If Congress is in it for the money, we need to put them back in the business world where they belong, and take our government back to serve to the people. We can require term limits. We can make them follow the same laws everyone else does. We can expect them to use the same social security system we do, and we can make them accountable for corruption when it is exposed. This can be our country again, if “we the people” want to be heard and “we the people” will stand up and fight for what “The American Dream Should Be”.

Thank you Colorado for showing Americans it can be done. Colorado is a state where “we the people” remembered the American dream and recalled the Congress members who thought they could tell people what they wanted for them instead of listening to their constituents. “We the people can retake the American dream anytime “we the people” stand together.

Michael Schuetz
Michael Schuetz
Michael Schuetz Sr. has been in electrical design for nearly 40 years. Together he and his wife of 37 years, Dr. Sharon Schuetz, pastored a number of churches and raised 2 sons and a daughter. They have 10 grandchildren.

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