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The Full Armor of God

Saints, Bride of Christ, Believers, Chosen Ones, and Children of God are only a few of the names Scripture uses for Christians. Whatever the name, God has a purpose for all of them. Each one reveals a different facet of our nature, character, and purpose. Christians are like diamonds, our many sides differing in character and charm. Each side expresses more grace than the other. Every name reveals the Christian’s duty, privilege, or function in God’s kingdom.

Paul made several references in his letters to one name we should all take seriously. He called us soldiers. His writings reveal much about our war with the world, with Satan, and with our own nature. 

Whether we are fighting a spiritual conflict or representing our nation’s military, a soldier must be equipped. Every army has a place to house, feed, and train recruits. It prepares them to face their enemy. The soldier must retrain his way of thinking and feeling. His natural impulses must change to make combat readiness second nature.

The spiritual army is the same. Teaching and preaching help serve this purpose in God’s kingdom. The local church is the boot camp where we train the troops. This is where we prepare for life’s battles. Battle readiness must also become second nature with the Christian. …