Featured Racism

From Roots to Reparations, the Truth about Slavery & the Lies that Keep us in Bondage

Our nation doesn’t have a great record on the subject of race, and feelings run deep on this issue. Much of what we know and believe about slavery came from a miniseries we watched in the 70s, Roots, written by Alex Haley. It followed the family blood line of Kunta Kinte. It started when black […]

Immigration Islam

Worldwide Muslim Conquest: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

The document we are discussing has been around for many years. It was written in 1991. What we are exposing is its connection and significance today.  ********************************** People in power call those who expose their nasty little secrets “conspiracy theorist;” however, there is a conspiracy working in the United States since 1982 and is now […]


MS 13 was Paid $50,000 Per Head to Smuggle Terrorists into the US During Obama Reign

This article was originally published by Dr. Sharon Schuetz on Lady Patriots in 2014. While some people are finally waking up to the boarder crisis, most of the mainstream media is still grinding out story after story full of heart wrenching details of the long journey children are making from Central America to the “Promised […]



As a young woman, Suad Leija Kelly, helped bring down the Leija-Sanchez Mexican crime family, the largest producers of fake documents and human smugglers in the United States. This 3 million dollar a year family enterprise, headquartered in Chicago and led by her father, Manuel Leija-Sanchez, has franchises that stretch across 33 states and 53 […]


The Biggest Heist in American History

In 2010, Barak Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi conspired with 279 Democrats to rob and eventually possibly murder millions of Americans. That sounds a bit melodramatic, doesn’t it? Well, consider this. Since they passed it without allowing anyone to read it, Obamacare has twisted America’s national political and economic landscape into a distorted, deformed […]


The New American Dream

Where is America the beautiful? Where has the land of plenty gone, that land “flowing with milk and honey” that drew millions of people from around the world to fulfill their dreams? What has become of the American paradise where one could succeed or even become a millionaire? American millionaires are no longer the result […]