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Michael Schuetz, Senior Pastor, and Dr. Sharon Schuetz, Co-Pastor, have served as Pastors of the Sebastopol Community Church since February 2018. They served as pastors to seven churches, mostly in the Pentecostal Church of God, Joplin, MO, since 1988.

The Schuetz have served on many ministry boards and have been keynote speakers for many conventions and conferences. Both have served in national and district offices in the New Mexico District of the PCG, and the Inter-Faith Baptist Convention over the past four decades. The Schuetz family has ministered to hundreds of couples through counseling, ministry, women, and marriage retreats. Dr. Schuetz served as the District Youth President over the state of New Mexico where she traveled two-weeks each month preaching youth rallies, organized youth camps, retreats, etc.

They both graduated from Cornerstone University, Lake Charles, LA. After completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling in 1998, Cornerstone hired Dr. Schuetz as the school’s Administrative Director. In 1998 they moved to Lake Charles, where they lived on campus and taught classes and traveled to satellite campuses to hold graduations, etc.

The Schuetz’s have deep insight into God’s Word and know how to apply and the principles found in its teaching daily into their lives. As well as teaching and preaching, their early ministry began with spiritual warfare where they helped many people get free of demonic entities and learn to walk in the freedom and victory of Jesus Christ.

Pastor and Dr. Schuetz have been married for 44 years, have three children and ten grandchildren. They have been in ministry for 35 years and want to reveal God’s love to all. They love breaking His Word into understandable principles and teaching people how to apply those principles into their own lives.