As a young woman, Suad Leija Kelly, helped bring down the Leija-Sanchez Mexican crime family, the largest producers of fake documents and human smugglers in the United States. This 3 million dollar a year family enterprise, headquartered in Chicago and led by her father, Manuel Leija-Sanchez, has franchises that stretch across 33 states and 53 US cities, involving thousands of foot soldiers, workers, and hit men. They specialize in making fake drivers licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, phony utility bills, green cards, and any form of documentation needed by illegal aliens to enter and stay in our country.

Suad Kelly bravely worked with her husband, Robert, to expose the inner workings of this corrupt web when she found out that her family was guilty of supplying the fake documents to the 9/11 terrorists. She made up her mind to help her husband expose the family during their first meeting with her grandfather Natividad, the head of the family, in Mexico City. Saud asked him if he thought or knew if some of the documents that were sold went to terrorists. He laughed and told her, “Terrorism is an American problem, not a Mexican problem. We are only concerned with the money.”

This courageous young woman worked with HSI agents, ICE and several other alphabet organizations, looking through photos and explaining the different layers of the Leija-Sanchez organization.

In a press release dated February 7, 2014 the United States Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Illinois reported that both Julio and Manuel Leija-Sanchez were convicted together with Gerardo Salazar Rodriguez, whom they directed to commit an execution-style murder in Mexico of a fledgling competitor.

“Two brothers were sentenced today to life in federal prison for murder in aid of racketeering and related crimes they were convicted of after a seven-week trial in U.S. District Court last year. JULIO and MANUEL LEIJA-SANCHEZ, who operated a lucrative, black-market counterfeit identification document business in Chicago’s Little Village community for at least 15 years, each received the mandatory life sentence from U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer. There is no federal parole.”

It further states that:

Julio and Manuel Leija-Sanchez were the kingpins of a decades-long, multimilliondollar international criminal organization and they killed to protect their own pocketbook and the empire they built,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Nasser said at today’s sentencing hearing.

Evidence at trial showed that the three Leija-Sanchez brothers operated the bustling illegal business between 1993 and 2007. The organization was supervised by an overall leader living in Chicago, and the leadership position rotated among the Leija-Sanchez brothers. The organization sold as many as 100 sets of fraudulent identification documents each day, charging customers approximately $200 per “set,” consisting of a Social Security card and either an immigration “green card” or a state driver’s license.

Suad Leija Kelly contacted us with information about her family and its involvement in the crisis on our Southern border. While the top tier was taken down and removed, the next generation of the Leija-Sanchez family, now called the TREO Organization, is still thriving and working hand-in-hand with the Obama Administration to provide illegal aliens with the phony documentation needed to receive amnesty once it becomes law. The TREO Organization gets its name from Suad’s aunt’s maiden name, but it is the same family.

The following is the message we received from her. “What I am giving you now is the organization now run by the children (my cousins).”


The following is based on an inside working experience with Mexican crime organizations, including the ones mentioned here.

Obama and Homeland Security are creating new immigration policy by working with Mexican crime organizations, both in Mexico and the United States, and faith based Non-governmental organizations, (NGOs) non-profit, voluntary citizens’ groups, who receive USAID in Central America.

Mexican crime groups work very closely with the Obama Administration as nothing moves along the border without them.

The Constitution prevents Obama from making new law to give illegals amnesty; he is using children to meet his objective. By flooding the southern border with children, he knew they would have to be housed. The children will receive a pass into the country. With that their relatives can piggyback in also.

Here is the rub, neither Republicans nor Democrats will send these children back or separate them from family, whether they are real or fake.

The proof of this lies in the January ad in the federal business opportunities web site asking for escorts for children numbering approximately 60,000.

USAID working thru the faith based NGO’s in Central America advertised that once children set foot on us land they could stay. They both handed out maps on how to get to the border and also what to tell immigration officials when questioned. These children and their escorts if they paid for that service are then transported to the destination of their choice either by the US government or the Mexican crime organization in the us, for a fee.

Since the primary Mexican group is in the fake document business, they have a nationwide data base of clients that will take in these children and adults. A fee is again charged and the US government pays that.


Any immigration bill that will become law will have a date to qualify for the amnesty program and documents will be necessary. Understand that there is no way to check these papers as the system will be flooded and there are not nearly enough people to do the background.

All of this and the following makes Obama a human smuggler, contributing to both child sex trade and child abuse. His partners the Mexican gangs and gang members that are also attempting to enter the us are also now trafficking in the sex trade and labor trade.

As was told by several border patrol officers “the immigrant housing facilities being used now are run by the gang members that entered with the children and mothers. Sexual assault and thief are the new normal.” The officers were told not to interfere.

Under both U.S. law and international law this is illegal and criminal.

Mexican crime group
Obama partner

This group is an offshoot of the Leija organization based in Mexico. This group is younger and educated and much smarted than their parents. The TREO group recognized early on that the Obama administration was eliminating both the laws and border control.

The TREO group charges between 1,000 and 8,000 us dollars for the escort and pass into the US. If you are high end you are escorted to your destination. The percentage is approximately 75% children 25% adult, criminals and terrorist.

Once in the US, and under control of the TREO organization, they take a percentage and different fees from the money paid to both the faith based groups who are paying for housing and support money given by the US government to each and every one. The TREOs also supply fake docs and various other services provided by their own NGO’s and charity they set up.

Treo also is developing a drone surveillance system to operate along the border in order to keep track of the border patrols. This service is provided to the high adult payer who does not want to get caught, terrorist etc. They are also weaponizing these drones.

The TREO group learned from the Leija mistakes by keeping lower profiles setting up charities and NGO’s as fronts.
This is a broad stroke description as there is much more.

This website reveals the NGOs who are working with the Obama Administration here in the United States and receiving our tax money.

It’s common knowledge that the Obama Administration has been advertising through faith based groups in Central America and this was a planned invasion. But most people don’t realize how deeply they are involved once illegals cross the border. Providing illegals phony papers that can be back-dated once amnesty is forced on us is just one more nail in America’s coffin by this federal criminal organization, run by Barack Obama.

This is a photo of one of the [cheat sheets] illegals are given to practice the answers to the questions they will be asked when they cross the border. The English version is written below.


flyer for Central America


Why did you abandon your country?
You’re in fear of your government and afraid to live in your country.
You’re afraid of extortion from [the MS-13 gang].
Where does your father live?
I don’t know him or even his name.


Suad Leija Kelly has written of her experience growing up in a Mexican crime family. She was forced to hide from her family for years and is still very careful to protect herself, even now. She can be reached at: Paper Weapons. We encourage everyone to read this amazing book.

The following video is an interview of Suad with Lou Dobbs when he was at CNN. And you can find more interviews from Newsweek, The Miami Herald, FOX News, etc. here.

CNN Lou Dobbs

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Dr. Sharon Schuetz
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