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My Dear Wormwood

My Dear Wormwood,

I am pleased to see you have successfully persuaded your patient to get involved in this new financial scheme. Convincing him that he can multiply his small investment ten-fold was brilliant. Everyone knows it’s a risky business, yet, the fool sees nothing but what he wants. Do not fail to remind him of the many things he can possess if he keeps his eyes on his investments. Fill his mind with thoughts of success, wealth, and the honor he will receive from his friends and family when his ship comes in.

When the Enemy whispers doubts and warnings into his mind, emphasize just how close he is to reaping the financial bonanza that he has been working for with such determination. Keep him surrounded by his materialist friends who often speak of what he really wants. You are fortunate that your patient lives in a time when everyone believes that prosperity is his or her right.

Your patient has known nothing but the Enemy’s false promises drummed into him by deceptive parents. They believed if they could raise him in Church, surrounded by others of like mind, they could keep him from us. What fools. They did not know that you, my beloved nephew, have been by his side, showing him how disappointing life can be without the finer things. You have worked hard to keep his mind on what he did not have rather than what the Enemy wanted him to see, the blessings of a spiritual life.

As for your suggestion to tempt him to desire what goes against his morals, I recommend against it. He has fallen for the lie that he must be faithful to one woman. Your attempts to entice him into this direction have been a dismal failure. If you continue to pursue this path, you could lose all you have accomplished thus far. Avoid spreading his desires in too many directions. Concentrate on keeping him focused on financial prosperity.

It is my understanding that he is still in the habit of attending Church and reading the Enemy’s Letters. This area would be a wise investment of your energy. Have him schedule important meetings during the times when he would be in danger of being under the Enemy’s influence. When he is in Church, speak to him and interrupt his concentration. Draw his attention to his investments and pique his curiosity, making him wonder how they are doing. It does not matter that he knows there could be no changes since he last checked. It will keep him preoccupied and unable to hear the Enemy’s messengers while he is in their presence.

If you cannot prevent his meditation upon the Enemy’s Letters, I suggest that you distort his understanding and have him look at them from his vantage point. He can understand the Letter to the in a variety of ways. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me can be twisted to say I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

John’s words can go from, and I pray that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers; to I pray that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. It is just a matter of emphasis on the right words. If you are creative enough, you can convince him that the Enemy’s greatest desire is that he lives a life of prosperity above everything.

In closing, my dear Wormwood, I must caution you not to overlook your patient’s mate. She will have the most influence over him. You must convince her that success is her most generous friend. If you fail with her, if she feels left out or becomes fearful of the changes she sees in your patient, you could lose him to the Enemy. I commend you on your excellent work, my nephew.

Your affectionate uncle,