Mexican Cartel Supplying False Documents to Terrorists Smuggled Across the Border

Robert Kelly worked as an independent agent with the Border Patrol, ICE, and the DHS for years to infiltrate the Leija-Sanchez Mexican crime family (CLS cartel). He was passionate about stopping them from helping terrorists sneak into the United States. He eventually met and married Suad Leija, the daughter of the cartel’s kingpin Manual Leija-Sanchez, and convinced her to help.

Robert contacted us to talk about the terrorist coming across the southern Texas border. He and Suad live in Nicaragua, and are familiar with Central America and the smuggling that takes place on our border. During a long Skype conversation he told me that ISIS is coming through the border and they are connecting with terrorist cells here in America.

They reiterated the information they gave me when Suad first contacted us later, exposing the fact that terrorists are buying fake documents from her family to use once they cross the border into the United States.

In the preface to her book, Paper Weapons, Saud wrote:

Counterfeit documents are Paper Weapons. The first weapon a terrorist needs to “fit in” in the United States is documents. Once he has this weapon and cover, he can cause great harm to the United States and its citizens. These were the weapons the terrorists of 9/11 used to blend into the United States.

Robert Kelly got involved with the Leija-Sanchez crime family while he was doing research on the movements of suspected terrorist traveling north from Paraguay through South and Central America entering the United States through Mexico. What he eventually discovered was far more dangerous and corrupt than anyone would have believed. He had no idea what lay ahead for him when he started planning his strategy to stop the CLS cartel from providing fake document to more terrorist, as they had done in 2001. Through their work with the DHS, ICE, Border Patrol, and several other law enforcement agencies Suad’s father, Manual Leija-Sanchez, her uncles, Pedro Leija-Sanchez and Julio Leija-Sanchez were arrested for murder and in February 2014 were sentenced to life in prison. Along with them, other family members and employees of the CLS cartel were arrested and served time in prison for a laundry list of felonies connected fake documents, drugs, and the human trafficking.

Suad says the main focus of the CLS cartel is to produce and sell false documents, such as drivers’ licenses, birth certificates, “green cards,” utility bills, Social Security cards, and passports to illegal aliens. However, after 9/11, it’s their terrorist clients, like those who used false documents known as feeder documents to board the planes that flew into the World Trade Center, that most concern law enforcement officials who had previously ignored them.

Acquiring phony documentation is very simple and can be done now in nearly any large city. These type of operations are placed in strip malls with a photo business somewhere on the premises. All one needs is a photo and the information he wants on his new driver’s license, green card, social security card, and $200 to $300, and he will have his documents in about two hours.

CNN’s Greg Hunter interviewed Michael Everitt, Immigration; Customs Enforcement, about the CLS cartel’s fake documents. He was surprised by the answers he received.

GREG HUNTER,, CNN CONSUMER CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It’s America’s first line of defense against terrorism: checking I.D.s at airports and borders. But federal authorities say, the growing availability of fake I.D.s puts national security at risk.
MICHAEL EVERITT, IMMIGRATION & CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT: And that creates a vulnerability that can be exploited by those who wish to do us harm.
HUNTER: At ICE’s forensic lab, technicians prepare evidence for court and analyze fake I.D.s to see how they’re made. Michael Everitt is the lab director.
HUNTER: (on camera): How good are the fakes?
EVERITT: Amazingly good. Very, good. Very difficult to tell that it’s a counterfeit.
HUNTER (voice-over): ICE says this fake is top quality. It even has security features visible only under ultraviolet light. With a camera, laptop, and printing equipment anyone can buy, ICE put my face on a fake I.D. they said could pass for the real thing.
(on camera): Could I use this at an airport?
HUNTER: At the border?
EVERITT: Yes. You could try to use it anywhere, and it would probably pass muster at, you know, several places.
HUNTER (voice-over): One problem at border crossings is sheer volume. There are 8,000 different travel documents to inspect.
HUNTER: Two years ago, the 9/11 Commission recommended the government fix the fake I.D. problem. The commission said that, for terrorists — listen to this — travel documents are as important as weapons.

Earlier this month I wrote about the CLS cartel and their connection to the Obama Administration. With most of the top tier of the Leija-Sanchez family behind bars, the family business is as strong as ever. At the time of their arrest and conviction the CLS cartel made a three million dollar a year profit in Chicago alone. Those numbers were for 2006 and for only one city. At that time they worked in over 50 cities and 33 states across the country.

Since the brothers, their wives, and much of the family are in prison, Julio Leija-Sanchez’s ex-wife, Esmeralda has been heading up the business with Suad’s cousins. Esmeralda’s maiden name is Trejos and that is what many of the new generation of Leija-Sanchez call themselves. Taking out the top-tier didn’t stop their criminal activities. Today they are bigger, stronger, smarter, and very dangerous. This generation of the CLS cartel work tirelessly to get fake documents into the hands of anyone who wants them. These high quality documents can fool anyone.

Terrorists are coming into the US from South and Central America and there is a never ending supply of customers who need fakeAR-130319722 documents. There is no doubt that ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and many other radical Islamist are using the phony documents created by this cartel to enter the country and to “legally” stay once they’re here.

The recent video of the decapitation of James Foley, has made many people rethink their position on terrorists on our southern border. It seems like everyone  is shouting, “ISIS is coming! ISIS is coming!” A few days ago it was considered islamophobia, almost tantamount to a career killer, to boldly declare that there are “bad” Muslims coming into the US. Now people are jumping on the bandwagon from everywhere to warn us that ISIS is already in America and they’re coming through our open borders.

Rick Perry gave a speech the other day at The Heritage Foundation’s panel on border control where he criticized Obama’s handling of the border crisis and terrorist group the Islamic State (ISIS) in Washington, D.C.

“We have seen historic high levels of individuals from countries with terrorist ties over the course of the last few months,” Perry said. “Because of the condition of the border from the standpoint of it not being secured and us not knowing who is penetrating across, individuals from ISIS or other terrorist states. And, I think it is a very real possibility that they have already used that.”

Perry is almost certain that ISIS, a jihadist group that has gained global attention in the last few months due to their heinous murders of innocent victims and takeover of cities like Fallujah and Mosul, will at some point try to bring their terror to American soil and other Western nations if nothing is done to stop them. Perry stated that the terrorist group claims their previous acts of violence are just a taste of what to expect will happen in America.

Hawk, John McCain responded to the ISIS video of James Foley in a discussion with Bill Hemmer on Fox News Insider when he said:

“I hope that this tragic thing that happened with James Foley will serve as a strong message to the United States of America that these people are going to attack us in the United States of America. You know what Baghdadi said when he left our Camp Bucca: ‘see ya in New York,'” McCain explained, calling for a “comprehensive strategy” to be explained to the American people.

Senator Jim Inhofe serves as the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He told Fox News 25 of Oklahoma City, OK, Wednesday that the threat is real.

“They’re crazy out there and they’re rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major U.S. city,” he said. “People just can’t believe that’s happening.”

Inhofe described the group as “really bad terrorists,” saying they are “so bad even Al-Qaeda is afraid of them.’

Another hawk, Lindsey Graham, echoed Inhofe’s message when he told Chris Wallace of Fox News that an American city will be in flames if Obama doesn’t go to war in Iraq.

This is a transcript of the segment about the probably of ISIS coming here to America. It begins at 3:14 on the video.

“What is going on in Washington when the FBI Director, when the head of national intelligence, the CIA, the Homeland Security Secretary tells every member of Congress, including the president, we’re about to be attacked in a serious way because of the threat imitating from Syria and Iraq. His responsibility as president is to defend this nation. If he does not go on the offensive against ISIS, ISIL, whatever you want to call these guys, they are coming here! This is just not about Bagdad; this is just not about Syria. It is about our homeland. And if we get attacked because he has no strategy to protect us then he will have committed a blunder for the ages…Mr. President if you don’t adjust your strategy these people are coming here.”

These are only a few of the people speaking out. Most of us have been aware of this for a long time, considering that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots, or at least make the connection between the different terrorist organizations who want to kill Americans. Middle Eastern terrorist migrate north from Paraguay in South America through Central America into Mexico and then into the United States.

According to NBC News it is easy to move across borders in South American countries, where motorbikes are permitted to cross without documents.

A terrorist can bike from Paraguay into Brazil and return without ever being asked for a passport, and it is not much harder for cars and trucks… Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Hezbollah militiamen would raise no suspicions because they have Latin American passports, speak Spanish and look like Hispanic tourists.

The CIA singles out the Mexican border as an especially inviting target for Hezbollah operatives. “Many alien smuggling networks that facilitate the movement of non-Mexicans have established links to Muslim communities in Mexico,” its Counter Terrorism Center said in a 2004 threat paper.

“Non-Mexicans often are more difficult to intercept because they typically pay high-end smugglers a large sum of money to efficiently assist them across the border, rather than haphazardly traverse it on their own.”

Breitbart reported that Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX), a member of the House Judiciary Committee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, was asked if there is any current interaction between ISIS and Mexican drug cartels he said “yes” and added they are “talking to each other.”

He said, “In my opinion, yes there seems to be a talking to each other.”

He added, “The drug cartels use the same operational plan as terrorist groups do … They kill their opponents; they behead their opponents, they brag about it, and they have operational control of many portions of the southern border of the United States. They’re vicious as some of these other terrorist organizations.”

I just have a one question for all these geniuses.  Now that you’ve figured out what the rest of America has known all along, are you going to do something about it?


Suad Leija Kelly has written of her experience growing up in a Mexican crime family. She was forced to hide from her family for years and is still very careful to protect herself, even now. She can be reached at: Paper Weapons. We encourage everyone to read this amazing book.

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