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All I’ve been able to think about for months is how much I want that promotion and the raise that goes with it. I’ve worked for this company for three years, and it’s about time. I’ve done everything that they have asked of me and more. I brought in more money and clients in the last year than anyone else. I’m at work nearly an hour early, and I stay late just to make sure everything is ready for the morning rush. I put my job before my family, my friends, and my church. Nothing is more important to me than my career.

I can just taste success. It’s right at my fingertips. Nothing can stop me now. Sure, my daughter stayed home from school sick this morning. My husband thought I should stay home with her, but she has a phone by her bed, and my number is on speed dial. If she really needs me, she knows how to reach me. Besides, he could have stayed home with her himself if it was that important.

If I miss even one day from work, especially for personal reasons, I won’t get the promotion. I don’t think I could stand that. I’ll have lots of time to take care of my family and fulfill the commitments I’ve made at church after they announce my promotion this afternoon.

I’ve always worked hard at everything I’ve ever done. All my life I’ve wanted to grow up and have the perfect family. I do. I have a great husband and three wonderful children. I know I don’t always put their needs first, but they just have to understand how important this is to me. I’ve also wanted to have a great job. That’s almost here. Not that I don’t enjoy what I do now, I just know that there is more out there for me.

My husband says that I am never satisfied with what I have. He calls fulfillment on my terms elusive. That’s not true. I am satisfied, at least for a while. I know Paul said that godliness with contentment is great gain, but he didn’t work at my job. I know that eventually, I will feel the contentment he is talking about in this Scripture. I just have to focus on my priorities right now.

Oh, they just put up the announcement about the promotion. I can’t wait to see my name beside the title Sr. Vice-President. Yes! I got it. I knew I would. Just wait until I get home and tell Steve and the kids. They’ll be so proud of me.

Now why did those kids leave their toys in the yard again? I’m going to have to talk to them about that, but first I want to tell them the good news. Where are they? I’ve looked everywhere, but no one is at home. Where could they have gone? Wait, there is a note on the refrigerator from Steve.

Marsha, the children and I have gone to stay in a hotel for a few days. I will be by at the end of the week to get our things. We can talk then. We just need some space. We still love you. Oh, congratulations on your promotion; I hope you find in it everything you need.