Featured Women

A Woman of Destiny

One of my favorite Bible stories is of a common Jewish woman who found her niche in history by simply being herself. Queen Esther’s quiet spirit of obedience gave her favor with God and with men. God used her to save her condemned people because she found favor with the king. Esther was lovely, but […]

Featured Relationships

Becoming a Friend of God

The world expects more from women now than it ever has. Mom must be a miracle worker. We expect her to sew a costume for the school pageant, bake twelve-dozen cookies, and take her child’s class to the zoo on little notice. She does this while writing an annual report, preparing a proposal for a […]

Featured Maturity

Nature by Design

Years ago, an agricultural scientist was searching for a way to eliminate the destructive horn beetle without destroying other beneficial insects. The horn beetle has long antennas which he uses for navigation. The scientist was scraping one of these antennas when he discovered the secret of its remarkable sense of direction was built in radar […]

Featured Maturity

Fanning the Flames of Faith

I saw a homeless man pushing his shopping cart full of junk today. The cart contained everything he owned. His scraggly beard was as dirty as his matted, stringy hair. It was evident he had not bathed in a while. The rags he wore hung loosely from his gaunt frame; however, most memorable were his […]


The Conservative Woman Is a Patriot

What is the conservative woman, and what makes her different from her liberal counterpart? There are many things separating the conservative woman from the pack, but probably the key difference is her attitude. Plain and simple, most conservative women take responsibility for what they do with their lives. They are hard workers, and they have […]