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How to Fight with Your Wife Without Killing Your Marriage

Did you know that marriage is the only relationship in Scripture where two people become one? It illustrates the Trinity’s triune relationship. The Trinity is three separate individuals with different identities and roles, agreeing as one, in perfect harmony. Marriage is two separate individuals with different identities and roles,...

Four Things Every Husband Needs to Know About His Wife

No doubt about it, women are strange creatures. A woman hides her feelings, mulling them over until she thinks herself into despair. She worries about her problems; she worries about her family; she worries about her church, her neighbors, and her career. She will worry until her worry becomes...

Becoming a Friend of God

The world expects more from women now than it ever has. Mom must be a miracle worker. We expect her to sew a costume for the school pageant, bake twelve-dozen cookies, and take her child’s class to the zoo on little notice. She does this while writing an annual...