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Who Is Our Savior?

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Women are Funny Creatures

Yes, women are strange creatures. A woman will hide her feelings, mulling them over until she thinks herself into despair. She worries about her problems; she worries about her family; she worries about her church, neighbors, and career. Eventually, her fear turns into depression. She masks her pain, deceiving...

Overcoming Childhood Imps

What is the only thing you can take to Heaven? People. People matter to God. That is why he made man. He wants relationships with people who know Him and love Him for who He is. Every verse, every passage, and every story in Scripture teaches us how to...

She Thought She Had it All

Pain tormented Meg as the weight of her body rested on her twisted arms. Duct-tape suppressed any movement in the tiny trunk. Three-hundred-horses under the hood, potholes, darkness, and searing pain joined forces against her. Terror wrapped its icy fingers around her throat, suffocating her. Bound and gagged, Megan...