America Needs Energy Self Reliance Now, Green Energy Later

Oil is substantial to our survival. It is the modern day economic stimulus that we need to bring back jobs and money into our economy. Unfortunately, drilling has been cut big time in this administration and as a result we are feeling the crunch, not only with filling at the pump, but anything that involves oil. Look this president and his administration want to use the clean fuels and invest in things like Solyndra but the fact is that they’re more money than they are worth.

Solyndra was proven to have stolen 500 million dollars from the economy and continues today as inefficient and just doesn’t get the job done. If we can become energy independent we can have a stronger economy. We want to be able to export more oil to our European allies instead of them getting it from Arab oil. Energy independence will bring us back to the dominate nation we once were.

We need to be a dominate nation in order to survive. We need to bring in that Keystone pipeline so we can easily transport oil in from Canada. The president’s reason for denying the pipeline was unethical and frankly idiotic. The president’s reason was because we have used enough pipelines to wrap around the entire world once. Well Mr. President your lies have wrapped around the world many times and certainly not for the better.

Energy independence is something that isn’t hard to achieve if we can cut down on useless investments and invest our money in the right places. Ultimately there are many places that we could cut where we could find the money to invest back in coal, oil, and natural gas. Although looking back on this administration’s actions I don’t think he wants to make these investments because he doesn’t understand the importance of being energy independent.

This administration has not only cut drilling permits in half but has completely crippled the industry by putting so many regulations on it. As a matter of fact, it’s nearly impossible to newly drill and create companies that produce. He now tells companies when to produce on private lands, which as we know won’t be best for the people but best for the government.

As a result of not making these investments, the government is spending $1.50 per every $1 that they take in. The government is losing 45,000 dollars in deficit per second which means 3.86 billion in deficit per day. A way to fix that is by lowering corporate income tax and allowing jobs to be created here. A big part of that is being energy independent. Let’s hope that we can achieve this and create many jobs and stimulate our economy.

Now I’m not saying that clean energy is bad, I’m saying it’s not practical for this time. Let’s advance our technology further and find new ways to go about these clean energy ideas. We need to get to the point where it can be efficient and practical enough to compare and compete with coal, oil, and natural gas without government regulation. I will say though, that ideas like solar energy work for satellites but they don’t work for our everyday lives.

Solar energy is very bad because, even though it doesn’t supply energy at night, it also doesn’t supply energy on a cloudy day. The best type of energy in my opinion is nuclear energy if I had to pick one. Hydro energy is efficient but not as effective as nuclear. I think nuclear energy could be our future if we take our time and slowly get into it. Unfortunately people get scared because of things like Chernobyl.

As you can see I’m not totally immune to clean energy but I want to slowly get into it. As of right now I would prefer to build our economy around the old classics that work because of our economic state right now. I guarantee you if we can get energy independent and compete with Arab oil you will see a healthier economy and a brighter future for America.

Unfortunately we have a president who isn’t willing to compromise nor does he like this type of energy. Unfortunately his economic stimulus didn’t stimulate the economy, and instead of learning from his mistakes, he enacts the same policies that are destroying America day by day. The fact is that Obama has added more debt than all U.S. presidents combined.

He’s oblivious to the facts and what will grow our economy. He’s making way too many investments in the clean energy market and not enough in the coal, oil, and natural gas market. It’s a shame that he believes that’s the way to go. I’ve met many people who work in coal plants and turns out they are getting paychecks, more and more people are getting fired!

That proves that when you put all these regulations in place, you’re not hurting the business owners, you’re hurting the people who work for them. He doesn’t get this, and as a result many people are hurting, not only in the coal industry, but in many places. If you recall I said lower corporate income tax.

Companies make investments in the economy, hire more people, and increase salaries when the have the extra profit. For example we were at a restaurant who has invested 66 thousand dollars in the economy with things like medical research, street construction, and much more. If you invest in business you get an investment in other words.
This is why I want to be energy independent! It will invest in the economy by bringing jobs to our country as well as capital and money. This theory has been proven many times and has time and time again strengthened our economic health and invested back into the economy. The ultimate key to our success is a door that provides a sound economic future with many high income jobs.

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Dr. Sharon Schuetz
Dr. Sharon Schuetz
Dr. Sharon Schuetz has a Ph.D. in clinical Christian counseling. She and her husband of 43 years, Michael, are currently pastoring the Sebastopol Community Church in Trinity, TX, and have served as pastor of many churches throughout the past forty-years. In 2013 Dr. Schuetz, with the help of her partner, Julia, started which eventually had a writing staff of 26 and reached millions of readers over the next three-years until she sold the website and the Lady Patriot Facebook page in 2016. She did not sell the Lady Patriots youtube channel, but it was shut down last year after it was decided that it didn’t meet Youtube's community standards. She served as the editor of the local newspaper in her hometown of Trinity for a while and has since started a news service, Trinity County News L.L.C. She and Michael have three children and ten grand children.

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