About Us

Lady Patriots is conservative men and women who believe in America the way God designed her. We want to see the values and principles restored that made her great. Truth is our tool, our weapon, and our friend, and Lady Patriots is committed to fighting for our nation and bringing truth to light in this dark world we inherited.   The old saying, The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword,” describes what and who we are.


At Lady Patriots, we only have a few rules to our writers and bloggers to be a part of the team.
1. No vulgarity,
2. Be honest, if your work is an editorial submit the material sources you are commenting on,
3. If it is a op-ed state so,
4. No hate speech, we need all parties to start pulling together, divisional tactics will not be allowed.

If it was not for our readers and followers Lady Patriot would not currently hold our national and world wide status, and for this a special thank you from all of us at Lady Patriots!



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